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Our rescue kitten has claimed this Alfa for himself stay tune for further updates on the saga of the kitty and the Alfa spider.

Our client is only in town on the weekends. He dropped of this lovely 230SL he had purchased here a few years ago for some electrical service and will pick her up next Saturday!

A fellow’s very nice Pagoda had developed an intermittent noise from underneath and after attempts from several local shops did not resolve it, he reached out to us. Not far from where the 2019 Pagoda Fest was held three weeks ago, our team made a side expedition to his garage to bring the car back to our shop. Several days after investigation and minor repairs, we returned his car. After he had a chance to drive it on a quiet Saturday, this is what he wrote:

““Ok!!!!! Drove car today. You fixed it!!!! It’s great. Thanks so much, u r genius.”

U r welcome Bill!

This fully restored ’52 MGTD will probably find a new home today just past 1:00pm Pacific for a fraction of its restoration cost on Bring-A-Trailer. Hope you’re all watching as we’d like to keep her in the family!   I drove her home Saturday to continue the run-in of the mechanicals. We have 89 miles now. 1952 MGTD Primrose Yellow1952 MGTD Primrose Yellow    MGTD engine bayMGTD engine bay
Dutch Doubleclutch & Dr. Peters flight bag, with 250SL Mercedes
We’d heard the new ‘thing’ in fashion models is ‘old dudes’ so we cruised by a senior rec center (ok it was the taproom at Burning Beard Brewing) and found this guy hitting on the ladybeards. Apparently, these guys work cheap—we just keep him in IPA and Connecticut Shade Dominicans and let him cruise old cars. He says he can write (we’ll all be the judge later) When Dr. Peters bought this 250SL from us in ’93 he tucked the flight bag in the trunk he had used as a military flight surgeon. Twenty-five years later the car came back to us, with a gift in the trunk—the flight bag! Except for a paint job it remains unmolested. Incredibly, this fifty-one-year-old still has her original carpet and upholstery, (Doubleclutch says he does too—I don’t know what that means but I’m going to let it go—works cheap, remember?) The car will be ready to go to [...]

Our Hoyt Special was featured on the Journal!

Scratch-built 1961 Hoyt Special


1952 Porsche 356 Heuer Gläser Cabriolet chassis 12305

Re: 1952 356 Heuer Gläser Cabriolet project

We have located a very rare (and correct for this car) type 527 roller crank motor, available for restoration along with the car to assure the end product is authentic in every way! Restorers well versed in these cars are lining up to restore it for the eventual new owner.

Everyone, please be on the lookout for Steve Livelsberger’s stolen black 914/6 race car and white enclosed trailer. These were stolen in southern California from the shoulder of I 15 near Norco southbound side recently after two tires blew out during the transit home from Willow Springs.

Description: Black 914/6 conversion with Sheridan body (Ultimate 914). Vin number: 4752922908. 3.4L six, Weber 46’s. Engine number 64C3872.

The trailer is a white Calen with unique features: double door left side, elevated ramps for car to facilitate exit of car within trailer by opening car door.

Trailer California license plate number: 4BO9640



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