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63,543 mile survivor! European 280SL w/4-spd manual!

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The “Holy Grail” of European, 4-speed 280SLs and a real anomaly—a never rusted European spec car! Still retains her original, factory beige undercoating and most original paint!! Add in the original upholstery, carpet and perfect, original dash wood and this defines Preservation Car! Never seen salt, perfect trunk floor and the original spare is still present.

With the hot cam of her high output Euro spec engine and taller differential—this is a driver’s car!

Icing on the cake: Chassis number 11304410023547 is one of the final 830 280SLs actually built in 1971 and what some call a ‘true’ 1971 model. Of the 23,885 total, this is just 338 from the last car.

Imported on 10/9/1985 (w/all paperwork) – Purchased from Motoring Investments by our client in 2007 w/exactly 99,999 actual kilometers (102,264 now) – She’s returned home as he’s rotated his collection around – Just freshened mechanically ($8000) with service records intact
Documented MBCA show winner see the Jan/Feb 2005 ‘Star’ magazine – Originally delivered w/Becker Europa stereo per data card – a rare option! (Most had only a mono Becker Europa.)

This car has no negatives – First Come, First Served. Well there is what may appear as a negative – she’s not a cheap example. But as a seasoned classic car hobbyist once observed, “All Pagoda’s cost the same eventually, except the cheap ones, they end up costing way more.”

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1971-Mercedes-280SL-Exterior-20     2

3     4

They all left the factory with beige undercoating – but few examples remain with it intact.

1971-Mercedes-280SL-Exterior-22     1971-Mercedes-280SL-Exterior-21

1971-Mercedes-280SL-Exterior-20     1971-Mercedes-280SL-Exterior-19

1971-Mercedes-280SL-Exterior-18     1971-Mercedes-280SL-Exterior-17

1971-Mercedes-280SL-Exterior-16     1971-Mercedes-280SL-Exterior-15

1971-Mercedes-280SL-Exterior-12     1971-Mercedes-280SL-Exterior-11

1971-Mercedes-280SL-Exterior-10     1971-Mercedes-280SL-Exterior-9


1971-Mercedes-280SL-Exterior-6     1971-Mercedes-280SL-Exterior-5

1971-Mercedes-280SL-Exterior-4     1971-Mercedes-280SL-Exterior-3

1971-Mercedes-280SL-Exterior-2     1971-Mercedes-280SL-Exterior-1

100% original upholstery

1971-Mercedes-280SL-Interior-9     1971-Mercedes-280SL-Interior-8

1971-Mercedes-280SL-Interior-7     1971-Mercedes-280SL-Interior-6

1971-Mercedes-280SL-Interior-4     1971-Mercedes-280SL-Interior-3

1971-Mercedes-280SL-Interior-2     1971-Mercedes-280SL-Details-26

1971-Mercedes-280SL-Details-27     1971-Mercedes-280SL-Details-28

Original, factory notches

1971-Mercedes-280SL-Details-3     1971-Mercedes-280SL-Details-25

1971-Mercedes-280SL-Details-20     1971-Mercedes-280SL-Details-19

1971-Mercedes-280SL-Details-17     1971-Mercedes-280SL-Details-23

1971-Mercedes-280SL-Details-24     1971-Mercedes-280SL-Details-14

1971-Mercedes-280SL-Details-16     1971-Mercedes-280SL-Details-17

1971-Mercedes-280SL-Numbers-Matching-Numbers-6     1971-Mercedes-280SL-Numbers-Matching-Details-1

1971-Mercedes-280SL-Numbers-Matcging-details-2     1971-Mercedes-280SL-Trunk-1

1971-Mercedes-280SL-Trunk-12     1971-Mercedes-280SL-Trunk-13

1971-Mercedes-280SL-Trunk-3     1971-Mercedes-280SL-Trunk-5

1971-Mercedes-280SL-Trunk-6     1971-Mercedes-280SL-Trunk-9

Date coded wheels
date coded wheel, W113 280SL Mercedes

1971-Mercedes-280SL-Engine-Bay-3     1971-Mercedes-280SL-Engine-Bay-5

1971-Mercedes-280SL-Engine-Bay-2     1971-Mercedes-280SL-Engine-Bay-4

1971-Mercedes-280SL-Engine-Bay-9     1971-Mercedes-280SL-Engine-Bay-8

1971-Mercedes-280SL-Engine-Bay-6     1971-Mercedes-280SL-Details-12a

1971-Mercedes-280SL-Details-11     1971-Mercedes-280SL-Undercarriage-22

Inspector #21

Correct body-color wheel wells

1971-Mercedes-280SL-Undercarriage-17     1971-Mercedes-280SL-Undercarriage-16

1971-Mercedes-280SL-Undercarriage-15     1971-Mercedes-280SL-Undercarriage-14

1971-Mercedes-280SL-Undercarriage-13     1971-Mercedes-280SL-Undercarriage-12

1971-Mercedes-280SL-Undercarriage-11     1971-Mercedes-280SL-Undercarriage-10

1971-Mercedes-280SL-Undercarriage-9     1971-Mercedes-280SL-Undercarriage-8

1971-Mercedes-280SL-Undercarriage-1     1971-Mercedes-280SL-Undercarriage-7

1971-Mercedes-280SL-Undercarriage-4     1971-Mercedes-280SL-Undercarriage-3

1971-Mercedes-280SL-Undercarriage-6     1971-Mercedes-280SL-Undercarriage-5

This one got away! Drop us a line and let us know what you are looking for!

Year: 1971
Make: Mercedes
Model: 280SL
Body Style: Convertible
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Condition: Investment Grade
Location: San Diego
Drivetrain: RWD
Engine: SOHC In-Line 6
Exterior Color: light ivory
Interior Color: red
Stock Number: 1003
VIN Number: 11304410023547

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